Important Steps For Preparing For Your Child's First Communion


If your family is catholic and you are getting ready for your child's first communion, these steps are important to take. They will ensure this special day goes according to plan.

Talk About Spiritual Food

In order for you to prepare your child for this special religious day, you can first begin with talking about the spiritual food that they are going to consume. This is a good idea because your child probably loves food, and all they may think about is what they are having for dinner.

Talk about the Eucharist being a ritual meal. Tell them that it's one of the most special meals that they will ever eat because the bread and wine symbolize Jesus Christ's body and blood. Let them know that God's son is Jesus Christ.

You may even want to practice eating bread and wine, or juice if you feel more comfortable. This gives your child a chance to go through the motions, so they won't feel so nervous in church.

Purchase the Right Gifts

Since this is a special day for your child, you want them to remember it. This is possible when you get them unique and religious gifts. These gifts can act as reminders of their fateful first communion.

There are a lot of great gift ideas for this occasion, such as wooden crosses, communion figurines and religious bracelets. Perhaps one of the most powerful first communion gifts is a personalized children's bible. Have your child's name inscribed on the side. They can then use this book every time they go to church, bible study or whenever they are feeling down.

Bring up Sacrifice

Another important talking point to bring up with your child is the whole idea behind sacrifice. Tell them that Christ's offering to get up on the cross was used as a gift for the salvation of the world. So in honor of that, gifts at first communion are given.

This will help your child understand why they are receiving gifts on this day, making it even more special for them. Also, bring up the concept of unity. People share gifts in order to unite and come together, growing their relationships. This will help your child better the relationships in their lives after their first communion.

First communion for a child is one of the most special days of their lives. In order to properly prepare for this day, these steps need to be taken.


29 September 2015

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