Best Christian Jewelry Gifts For Teens


Want to encourage your teenager in her faith? Why not combine her love for God with her love for jewelry. There are plenty of pieces for sale, so you're sure to find one that matches your teen's personality while still reminding her of her commitment to the Christian lifestyle.

Multi-Strand Bracelets

Teens love wearing multi-strand bracelets that make a fashion statement. Consider this type of wrist jewelry instead of a more simple bracelet that would be better suited for adults. Typically, you'll find a multi-strand bracelet is made up of rope strands, along with a strand or two that features a Christian symbol, and a strand with a religious saying on it, such as faith, hope, or love. 

Sports Charms

Does your teen play sports? Why not incorporate that into the Christian jewelry? Basketball, volleyball, and hockey charms are readily available. Instead of getting the plain charm, opt for one with an encouraging Bible verse on it like "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13). Matthew 19:26 is also an excellent choice, which states that "with God all things are possible."

Cross Necklaces

Cross necklaces are sold in abundance. When shopping for teens, you'll want to keep an eye out for a cross with a message, or one with a unique twist. For example, you could pick up a purity cross necklace for a teen who pledges to remain a virgin until marriage, or a necklace where the cross is made out of nails. The also make crosses that are covered in diamonds for a sparkly affect. What teenager doesn't love jewelry that sparkles?

Elegant Designs

Surprise your teenage daughter by spending a little extra and getting a piece of Christian jewelry that is more elegant. A necklace with a cross made of gold is a perfect choice, as is one constructed with a string pearls. Your teen can wear this jewelry on special occasions, such as attending a wedding or going to a prom. It can also be saved and passed on to her child when she becomes a teen. 

Once you pick up the piece of jewelry that best suits your teen, wrap it up in an attractive package. Take the time to verbally let your daughter know how much she means to you and how special you believe she is when giving the jewelry as a gift. The message along with the Christian jewelry is what your child will remember for years to come. 


1 December 2015

How to Find Obscure Religious Supplies

In the Western world, it's not hard to find a rosary or a yarmulke. However, if you happen to practice a less well-known religion, like Wicca or Jainism, it can be tough to find the supplies you need for your religious rites and rituals. I've moved around a lot, and I've noticed that this varies a lot from place to place -- some cities are much more difficult than others when it comes to finding the religious supplies you need. Usually, the larger and more diverse cities have more options. However, that doesn't mean that it's impossible to get supplies. No matter where you live, there are nearby large cities, or the option of the internet. In this blog, I'll be discussing how best to find the religious supplies you need when your religion isn't a common one.