How To Keep Your Kippah From Falling Off


It is a Jewish custom for men to cover their heads as a sign of respect. Covering your head is done out of respect for God when entering a synagogue, saying a blessing, and when praying. Your head is covered with a kippah, which is Hebrew for skullcap. A kippah is also called yarmulke. Wearing a yarmulke is a sign of your recognition that someone above is watching over our every act. However, some people have problems keeping the skullcap on their head. Read on to learn more about the kippah and to find out how to keep yours from falling off.

When To Wear Your Yarmulke?

It is tradition for Jewish men and boys to wear their yarmulke at all times. Wearing the cap symbolizes awareness of and submission to a higher entity. It is especially important to wear your yarmulke at certain times. You should always wear it on Shabbat and at any Jewish event.

The Shabbat is a day of rest and occurs on the seventh day of the week. Many Jewish people remember the biblical creation of the earth and heavens on the Shabbat. It also means refraining from work activities and doing restful activities to honor the holiday.

Wearing a yarmulke is important when in the presence of someone else who is wearing one. However, you can take it off to bath, swim, or when sleeping.

Size Matters

Buying a yarmulke is similar to a hat because they come in different widths and shapes. The different shapes include dome, flat, and head hugging. There are larger yarmulkes that cover your full head. 

The yarmulkes that does not cover your full head are smaller in size. You have to use a fastener to keep the cap from falling off.  

Use A Clip

A kippah clip is used with yarmulke to hold the cap in place. Some yarmulkes have slits on the inner lining of the caps. You can insert clips into the slits. This type of clip works similar to a barrette and fastens the cap to your hair.

The clip has to grip your hair to work. It can also be used with adhesives so that your clip bonds with your kippah. After securing your clip into place, it cannot be seen by anybody else.

This custom has become accepted for all Jewish men. A variety of tools are available on the market to help with getting the right fit for your kippah. For accessories to hold your yarmulke in place, talk to a retailer like Kippah Klipz.


21 September 2016

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