4 Interesting Catholic Statues For Your Yard And Garden


If you are interested in getting a catholic statue for your home, then this article will help you decide on your options. There are lots of different saints and religious figures to choose from, and each has its own place on your property. Some even come with an interesting backstory.

St. Francis Statue For Your Backyard Garden

If you have a large garden with lots of wildlife (chipmunks, squirrels, birds) then a St. Francis statue is the perfect addition to the garden. St. Francis is the patron saint of animals. He preached kindness and fairness to all of God's creatures. You can even get a Saint Francis statue that is designed with a small bird feeder or water goblet. These can be used to attract birds to your yard. It is fitting that the saint that is so closely associated with animal welfare would be offering food and water for wildlife.

The Virgin Mary In A Bathtub Shrine

An interesting method of displaying Virgin Mary statues is to set the statue up with a bathtub as a backdrop. The bathtub is placed so that it is standing up and acts as a shrine backdrop for the statue of Mary. These are popular in Mexican, Italian and Portuguese communities around the United States. Some variations include clamshell designs, instead of actually bathtubs. The concept is the same. The clamshell or tub is sunk into the ground and the statue is placed in front and then a decorate array of stones, pebbles, and flowers are placed in front of the statue.

Cherubim Statue In Your Garden

Cherubs are cut looking figures, but that belies their true nature. They are actually fierce, and were placed in charge of guarding the Garden of Eden. In the Book of Genesis, God placed Cherubim east of the Garden and had them wield a flaming sword to guard the sacred Tree of Life.

So there is a history of Cherubim in gardens dating back to the creation story.  You don't have to pick a cherub statue that depicts the little angel holding a sword if you don't want to, a simple statue of the figure is also appropriate.

St. Joseph Statue For Those Looking To Sell Their Home

One of the more interesting uses of a catholic statue is seen with homeowners who are looking to sell their property. Many believe that by taking a statue of St. Joseph and burying it outside in the garden it will improve their chances of selling the home. Supposedly the tradition of burying St. Joseph states can be traced back  to another saint (Teresa of Avila). The story goes that she needed to get land for a convent, and so she prayed to Saint Joseph and then buried a medal bearing his image underneath the ground and later got the land she prayed for.


21 October 2016

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