Remind Your Children Of Their Religious Upbringing


Do you worry that your kids will be influenced by negative things that exist in today's society? Perhaps you spend valuable time teaching your children the values that you hold dear, and you want them to be reminded daily of what those values are. From buying religious icon jewelry to having frank discussions at the dinner table, here are some ideas that might help you to remind your children of their religious upbringing.

Religious Icon Jewelry - Are you a Christian family? If so, you probably want your children to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Think of buying a necklace that has a cross as the central part of the design. This will remind your children that Christ was willing to die for all of mankind. While that probably won't be expected of them, the cross might remind them of the love that Christ has for them. In turn, that will probably remind them that they should love one another, even people who are hard to love.

Think of buying a bracelet that has charms that represent each of the Ten Commandments on it. While taking a test at school, the charm that says, Thou shalt not steal might remind your child that stealing somebody else's answer is wrong. The good part about religious icon jewelry is that it comes at many prices, so you can select a piece that goes with your budget. 

Dinner Table Discussions - Of course, you don't want every meal to have a preachy feeling to it. However, when the family is all together for a meal is probably a great time to remind your children about your family values. For example, you might pass the charm bracelet that holds the Ten Commandments charms on it around the table. Ask each family member to pick one of the commandments and tell what it means to them. Your spouse might come to the charm that says, Thou shalt not commit adultery. 

That charm might lead to an age-appropriate conversation about morals and what it means to be true to one's life companion. If you have a cross necklace yourself, think about sharing your testimony of what Jesus Christ means to you. If you are lucky enough to have a Widow's Mite necklace, that is the perfect object lesson to teach about one's devotion to God and that He is aware of all of our sacrifices to him. For more information, contact a company like Icons for Today


28 July 2018

How to Find Obscure Religious Supplies

In the Western world, it's not hard to find a rosary or a yarmulke. However, if you happen to practice a less well-known religion, like Wicca or Jainism, it can be tough to find the supplies you need for your religious rites and rituals. I've moved around a lot, and I've noticed that this varies a lot from place to place -- some cities are much more difficult than others when it comes to finding the religious supplies you need. Usually, the larger and more diverse cities have more options. However, that doesn't mean that it's impossible to get supplies. No matter where you live, there are nearby large cities, or the option of the internet. In this blog, I'll be discussing how best to find the religious supplies you need when your religion isn't a common one.