Remind Your Children Of Their Religious Upbringing


Do you worry that your kids will be influenced by negative things that exist in today's society? Perhaps you spend valuable time teaching your children the values that you hold dear, and you want them to be reminded daily of what those values are. From buying religious icon jewelry to having frank discussions at the dinner table, here are some ideas that might help you to remind your children of their religious upbringing.

28 July 2018

4 Interesting Catholic Statues For Your Yard And Garden


If you are interested in getting a catholic statue for your home, then this article will help you decide on your options. There are lots of different saints and religious figures to choose from, and each has its own place on your property. Some even come with an interesting backstory. St. Francis Statue For Your Backyard Garden If you have a large garden with lots of wildlife (chipmunks, squirrels, birds) then a St.

21 October 2016

How To Keep Your Kippah From Falling Off


It is a Jewish custom for men to cover their heads as a sign of respect. Covering your head is done out of respect for God when entering a synagogue, saying a blessing, and when praying. Your head is covered with a kippah, which is Hebrew for skullcap. A kippah is also called yarmulke. Wearing a yarmulke is a sign of your recognition that someone above is watching over our every act.

21 September 2016

Best Christian Jewelry Gifts For Teens


Want to encourage your teenager in her faith? Why not combine her love for God with her love for jewelry. There are plenty of pieces for sale, so you're sure to find one that matches your teen's personality while still reminding her of her commitment to the Christian lifestyle. Multi-Strand Bracelets Teens love wearing multi-strand bracelets that make a fashion statement. Consider this type of wrist jewelry instead of a more simple bracelet that would be better suited for adults.

1 December 2015

Important Steps For Preparing For Your Child's First Communion


If your family is catholic and you are getting ready for your child's first communion, these steps are important to take. They will ensure this special day goes according to plan. Talk About Spiritual Food In order for you to prepare your child for this special religious day, you can first begin with talking about the spiritual food that they are going to consume. This is a good idea because your child probably loves food, and all they may think about is what they are having for dinner.

29 September 2015